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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Googleing the dream

Now this might be a bit premature as we still haven't been on our start yachting course yet but we've been googleing yachts for sale. We've got no idea what we want, because we know nothing about yachts at all but we've been googleing the dream and bought a collection of help books from the RYA. None of this helps, because theres simply zillions of yachts for sale with descriptions that are so nautically esoteric that we are boggled, but in the end we have a budget and this drastically narrows our criteria. We have found yachts from 1000 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds and we figure we have at best about 10,000 pounds to spend. This seriously narrows our choice as we have gleaned from our research that we need something that is in the 30 odd foot class to sail the worlds oceans. We have realised that out of all the boats for sale you can only go on the vibe from the pictures and what little we understand from the specs.
This is not the way to buy a yacht, we need some expert advice, but there's none availeable so being in the Lake district we decide to take a visit to the Windermere marina, just to see if we can run into somebody, or something that might give us a clue of what we're doing. We park up outside reception, as if we were serious about buying one of the boats sale in the marina.The boats in this Marina are monumental, I mean huge, lots of very serious motor boats, the sort of size that could only be owned by a sultan of Suadi Arabia or Richard Branson. Nesteled in between these are the yachts, big yachts,36ft jobs, all gleeming inspite of the English overcast skies. These are so out of our league, but we skulk back into the sales office and ask if there's anything for under 10,000, a bit embarassingly. They've got a couple of boats we can look at the yard. One is a 23ft job and the other a 32ft, but both are so underwhelming that we come away thinking we can't afford what we need.
So it's back to googleing.