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Thursday, 20 August 2009

We've bought the wellies

Now these are not just any old wellies but wellies designed to be worn by sailors, in fact they're not even called wellies, the box describes them as full length deck boots. They are made from 100% natural rubber with razor cut soles for maximum grip in all weathers, and they are our first purchase on our quest to become sailors. Our goals are, perhaps a little ambitious, but hey what the heck, sailing the caribbean islands aboard your own 36ft sailing cruiser sounds pretty good to us and so we've bought the wellies. Not that we expect to need them once we're plying the exotic waters of the West Indies, but we've booked a two day R.Y.A., start yachting course in Cumbrea on the west coast of Scotland and the letter says you have to bring your own wellies.
Luckily we live just a few miles from Winderemere, and Winderemere is teeming with sailing boats and sailors. To cater for these hoards of sailing types there are marine outfitters, which are a sort of B&Q for people who own boats. So on Saturday morning,August 15th we headed off to Bowness to begin our nautical adventure in search of wellies, or full length deck boots, as we now know they're called. The end of August is getting to the end of their season and there wasn't a huge choice but in the end we plumbed for a matching pair of Gull, blue,grey and cream boots that had a piece of fabric on the top with a laced tie, very fetching, and comfy. Of course when we arrive at Cumbrae and meet with our instructor he's going to think we look a little over dressed in the wellie dept. but hey we're serious about this and so it requires a serious comitment in the wellie stakes, and I believe he'll realise that these two new students are laying down a marker here, I hope he'll be impressed with our commitment, but I'm afraid he might just see us as overdressed in the wellie dept. We paid almost eighty quid for two pairs of wellies, this yachting business is turning out to be expensive, and we've only just begun, but we have got the wellies. When we got back home Jackie decided that the fabric around the top of her pair was a little too tight and unpicked the stitching and took it off making hers look like a rather normal pair of wellies and not the full length deck boot that she'ld bought. Oh well, maybe that sort of customisation will go down well with our seasoned instructor and she'll gain brownie points for practical improvisation and scant regard for the shelving out of 38 quid on a pair of full length deck boots that are now simply expensive wellies