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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Offer on our house yeeeeeeh

It took a long time, in fact its been almost a year since we put 45 on the market, but today we finally had someone make us an offer. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. After about 30 odd viewings at last it looks like we may be able to start making plans again, Somebody wants our nice little house. And whats more,  it looks like we'll get closer than we thought to our selling price, which in this market we were beginning to doubt.
In fact you start to doubt in lots of little ways. Why did the brochure say individual, does that mean it's a bit hippy, maybe all the pictures, painted mostly by me are putting people off.
And to be quite honest we never paid much attention to having swish furniture or bothered too much about the carpets. Except the stair carpet. We replaced that a couple of years ago with a nice pale cream one that was, well cheap. It was an easy mistake to make, but now it's a bit grubby and the pile has collapsed so although it spruced up the staircase when new now it looks tatty. So that;'s another thing to be paranoid about.
Then on top of this it hasn't got central heating, or double glazing. My God how can people live like this, they say, they must be so poor. Well no we just enjoy fresh air, and we sleep under duvets, big fat duvets in the winter. And it doesn't hurt to put on a jumper.
But all that aside, the most annoying bit of the whole process is having to hoover and tidy up. You have to make the place look un-lived in, a very un-natural state of being, well it is for us. I want stuff around where I can reach out and not have to rumage in the back of the glory hole.
But all that aside, hey we may, MAY, have sold our house. In a way this is a bit premature, I only had a telephone talk with the estate agent, but she did say they were cash buyers, so no chain. They also upped their offer, only by £1500, so they must be keen. Tomorrow I think they go into the office to make a formal offer, on paper I suppose. So maybe a premature but again YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHHHHHHHH.
So our dream of escaping to sail the Caribbean, and live in the Republic Dominicana came a leap closer tonight.
Oh, while I've been typing this I've been listening to our new albums' rough mixes. That's The Beat Combo, the vehicle for my and Ewans original tunes, with Juliet on drums. I must say it's sounds so good, in fact it makes me a bit scared about doing the final mixes. Will we be able to get back to the same urgency that happens in the rough mix. Right now I've got Ewans' gasoline on, the old punk one, and you know what  it's so good, so out of context with the rest of the album. But hell it's sounding so good.

House sale and a new album almost both due to complete at the same time, now that would be something, as Paul Mcartney might sing.