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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Dirt Click the word Dirt to hear this.
This is a song from our forthcoming album and to my mind is a wee cracker written by Mr Ewan Blackledge, who sings and plays on this recording, We overdubbed the 12 string and found that we never tuned to concert when we did the take, which was probably just to demo the arrangement, and Juje reckons the 12 string is out of tune. I can't hear it, can you? Anyway we're talking abour re recording it but I don't know I@ve grown quite fond of this and so thought I'ld post it to see what you think.
On the song it's master piece of song writing from Ewan. You'll maybe know Ewan, he's a pro busker around these parts and plays a mean slide guitar among a host of other instruments.
We've got 11 songs, so far, all not too far away from a final mix. Be good to have it ready for Christmas.